Can Seniors Use Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)?

July 4, 2017 Jackie Brusch

Is using eCOA as simple as using an ATM machine?

In this two-minute video, eCOA subject matter expert and Senior Scientific Advisor, Dr. Jill Platko, addresses how to design an eCOA solution for senior populations. What needs to be considered? Is it different from designing for other populations?

Dr. Platko answers these questions plus the most popular one: Can seniors use electronic clinical outcome assessments? Watch the video now to uncover the truth about the elderly and eCOA.

Full Transcript

One of the things we hear and one of the concerns from study teams, from sponsor teams, is the elderly won’t use it. My grandmother won’t touch an electronic device, they won’t use it.

Okay so in all seriousness, the elderly will use it. Ah. You really don’t need to design terribly specifically for an elderly population, okay. Every population needs a screen that’s clear and easy to read. Every population needs a reasonable font size.

Every population needs a solution that’s easy to use. And these solutions are. Answer the question, hit the Next button, answer the question, hit the Next button, ah, with the initial step being, enter PIN code, and then get the questions.

This is not a big challenge. You think of an elderly population, they also go to ATM machines, enter a PIN code, and interact with a device, and get their money out. This is not new, this is not technology that is beyond them, and it is designed to be that simple to use, as simple as an ATM machine.

There is one thing that—that you want to think about for an elderly population. What you want to think about is the time that’s taken at the site to train them. So they may take a little more time, a little more guidance, a little more interaction with the site personnel there, you know, just being a reassuring presence basically, and giving them the time to go through and ask any questions they might have. Once that’s done, they’re off and running. They are very, very compliant subjects. So, the elderly will use it. 

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