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Connected Devices in Clinical Trials: Considerations for Use and Future Outlook

August 7, 2018 Bill Byrom

The use of wearable technology, availability of smartphones and mobile devices, and growth in connectivity is transforming healthcare all over the world. Researchers who are prepared to embrace these connected technologies in their clinical studies are likely to reap substantial benefits from improved data collection.


In this eBook we will address:

  • WHO - The types of clinical trials that can benefit from connected technology
  • WHAT - Common technologies that can be integrated including some consumer devices
  • WHEN - Industry shifts that are driving the need for connectivity
  • WHY -  Top considerations for integrating wearable technology in your clinical trials, and even into your electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA)
  • HOW - Identifying tactical best practices to deploy when integrating with eCOA


We invite you to read more about connected technology here and then join us in person at eCOA Forum for open discussion.

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