Pharma, CROs, Clinical Trial Industry: Get Closer to Hot ePRO Topics

November 1, 2010 John Jordan

Pharma, CROs, Clinical Trial Industry, Get Closer to Hot ePRO Topics

Welcome. This is CRF Health’s first venture into the Blogosphere and I hope you come to find this interesting and perhaps even entertaining. (“Blogosphere” has nothing to do with the former Governor of Illinois.)

If you’ve surfed your way here, you most likely reached me through one of several channels:

Or perhaps you’re one of our competitors looking for some inside info. (Sneaky!)  Whatever your reasons, I’m very glad you’ve joined me and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and knowledge about eClinical Technologies. Naturally I’ll be a tad biased towards ePRO, but will be offering up information and insight into a variety of technical solutions.

In the following weeks I’ll be examining:

  • ePRO options for clinical trial stakeholders, and where they may best fit into their clinical program
  • Trends and hot topics within the ePRO industry
  • Therapy areas that may benefit most from using certain eClinical technologies
  • New ways to collect patient data

I will even have guest bloggers such as:

  • Corporate updates from Rachael King, our CEO
  • Real time updates on strategic partnerships in the ePRO industry from Gregg Jewett, our Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Upcoming industry events from Mary Briggs, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Unbiased PRO advice from our Scientific Advisor, Dr. Bonnie Teschendorf

And if you have any questions, or topics that you’d like to discuss, please leave a comment.   

All the Best,
John Jordan


Welcome to Florida & Brussels & the eClinical Forum:  ePortals & EMA Compliance
Welcome to Florida & Brussels & the eClinical Forum: ePortals & EMA Compliance

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