New Blog Series: How to Diminish the Challenges of Data Collection in Oncology Clinical Trials

CRF Health Announces New Oncology-Focused
eCOA Blog Series

We're excited to announce a 5-part blog series to help oncology clinical trial professionals overcome everyday data collection challenges.

Here's a sneak peek at the 5 topics:

  1.   Sites.  What challenges are sites facing? If you're a site, you already know.  But do you know how to overcome them?  Are you working toward a better solution?
  2.   Patient Data Collection.  Does your current method of collecting data really support the patient or their caregiver?
  3.   Adverse Event Reporting and Concomitant Data Collection.  Are you able to tell the difference between symptoms and side effects of the trial drug versus medication that relieves pain or other symptoms of chemotherapy?
  4.   Post-Progression Studies.  Can your subjects participate in a trial at home?
  5.   Regulatory Risks.  Is your study in danger of failing regulatory approval?

Ready to learn more?  Our first blog on the site perspective will be published next week. Come back to read it!

Can't wait and want to talk to a CRF Health eCOA expert? Contact us!

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