eClinical Forum Spring EU Meeting

May 12, 2011 Heather Bilinski

I attended the eClinical Forum EU Spring meeting this past week in Banbury, UK.  Once again, the group meeting was very interesting and addressed key issues from different perspectives.  Perhaps the best aspect of these meetings is that they are not just static presentations, but rather active discussions between participants from the Pharmaceutical industry, vendors and academia.  This time we also had a guest speaker from a German site who was able to give us some insight into the day-to-day work from a clinician perspective.

Kai LangelThe eClinical Forum has been focusing on the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for clinical trials. This recent meeting was hosted by an EHR vendor, who also provided a demo of their system. Although quite different from an ePRO system, I have to say that I was quite impressed by what it can do.  It seems that in the quite near future it may be possible for Sponsors to run feasibility studies based on the data in these systems.

The highlight of the meeting was, of course, the ePRO panel, which I had the privilege to be part of. This turned out to be one of the liveliest sessions, with lots of different questions. The moderator certainly didn't have to worry about how to keep the discussion going, it was more the other way around and we ended up going over our allotted time. Some of the key discussion items were new ePRO technology trends and web-based data collection, along with medical device integrations.  ePRO -> EDC integration was also discussed at length and this was again a very multifunctional discussion involving Sponsors and EDC and ePRO vendors .

This is a unique forum and it would be great to see new members in the coming months. More information about the organization is available here:

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Kai Langel

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