eClinical Forum North America Spring Meeting - ePRO on the Agenda

April 26, 2011 Heather Bilinski

In the shadow of Bunker Hill, the eClinical Forum’s spring meeting brought a gathering of clinical trial experts together on April 11th through 13th, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Sponsor, CRO and service providers were all well represented.  It turned out to be another wonderful conference with a great deal of information sharing and open dialogue.

paul revere cambridge ma smallerMain topics on the agenda for the group were Source Document Verification (how useful is it and how can it be reduced), the current regulatory landscape (what do recent guidance documents and reflection papers have in common, and how are they conflicting) and of course ePRO.  I was fortunate to be a part of a panel with Sponsors and other ePRO vendors to discuss how ePRO is gaining ground and how it may change in the future with the advent of web based PRO and mobile technologies.  It was clear that the use of ePRO is growing, but not as quickly as first expected.  The attendees all agreed that ePRO utilization will continue to increase, but in exactly what manner was still a question in many minds.

We were also given an update as to the progress being made with regards to EHR data being integrated with clinical research data via the EHR4CR.  This is turning into a longer road than most of us had hoped, but significant steps are being taken by various stakeholders, from CDISC to HL7, so we remain optimistic.  Additionally, an overview of Cloud Computing was presented that surely got the group thinking of applications within our world, and a case for direct data entry into EDC brought us all together speaking about the recent FDA eSource guidance document.

The forum members were also treated to a Duck Boat Tour of Boston and got a great history lesson, including details of Paul Revere’s famous ride.

All in all, it was another successful eCF meeting and the attendees walked away with useful information on the state of clinical research and the technologies employed.

All the best,

John Jordan


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